William Clarke



As an artist-curator Clarke investigates artistic concerns in curatorial practice, such as the projection of the self onto exhibitions and the appropriation of the exhibition format and others work. Clarke’s diversification of artistic practice into the realms of research, pedagogy, performance and the curatorial have been ways of exploring his experience as a creator and maker.


William Noel Clarke (b. 1994, Solihull) is an artist based at serf, Leeds. Clarke studied at Leeds Beckett University and graduated in 2016. In 2017 he will be starting on the MFA curating course at Goldsmiths University. Recent exhibitions include: 1995-2001, isthisit?, Online (2016); Group Show One: Taction, Serf, Leeds (2016); Exaggerated Ideals, LS6 Café, Leeds (2016); Present Occupation Project: Play it again, Katerini, Greece (2016); In Addition, &Model Gallery, Leeds (2015). Recent curated show include: Das Schloss (The Castle), Leeds Beckett University, Leeds (2016); The Vitrines: Phillipa Eason, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds (2016); Text as Spoken Word, YouTube, Online (2015); Video Art Night, The Electric Press, Leeds (2014); The Book (On-going project).