Joshua Hart



“It [dreaming] seems to parallel the reality of a song, in that there’s no tangible evidence that any of the events or the relationships or emotions that are relayed through the course of the song exist besides the song. And yet it is fully real, especially for a singer who in the course of writing, recording and performing it enters the song countless times.”
– Will Oldham, Will Oldham on Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Will Oldham & Alan Licht, 2012, p.34


Joshua Hart (b. 1990, Keighley) is an artist living on the edge of Batty’s Wood around Leeds. He studied on the Foundation course in 2010 at Leeds College of Art before moving to London to study at Middlesex University for the Fine Art BA. In 2011 he co-founded the Institute of Jamais Vu in Harringey, living there as co-director until 2013 when he graduated from Middlesex. After spending 2014 by the sea-side living & working in YHA Boggle Hole (North Yorkshire) he returned to Leeds in 2015 to live in Headingley. He currently works as a carer at a Little Sisters of the Poor home (a 2 minute walk from where he lives) and co-founded / holds a studio at Serf.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Everyone is listening, Headingley, Leeds (2016), sSolid Silver, Assembly House, Leeds (2016), Mystery Killa EP, 5o1, Leeds (2016), Everyone is a star, Wilsden, Bradford (2015), Everyone is a heroic individual, Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby (2014), habit(h)ut, Tirana (2013).

Recent collaborative exhibitions: Mahomet by Chiron Fugee’s White Ring, Serf, Leeds (2016), One Million Years B.C. with Jill McKnight, CBS, Liverpool (2015), Thunderdome by the Institute of Jamais Vu, blip blip blip, Leeds (2014), Star Wars by the Institute of Jamais Vu, Basic Space, Dublin (2014), Google Glassed by Phases Of Death, Peat’s Playhouse, London (2013).

Recent exhibitions Hart has appeared in: Taction, Serf, Leeds (2016), Cascading Relevant Information, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool (2015), Black Bull Intervention, Leeds (2014), Poetry Will Be Made By All!, Westbau, Zurich (2014), ex, blip blip blip, Leeds (2013), Où l’art s’arrive, Nantes (2013), Hypotheticals Pt II, Free Range Gallery, Perth (2013).

Publications: a la rexa (2016), If I Made That Artwork… with Jill McKnight (2016), One Million Years B.C. with Jill McKnight (2016), Dole-O-Nauts (2016), a forest clearing, a cave, a castle, a cemetery or a crypt by Phases Of Death (2016), Seein Silver: The Nighttime Drawings (2016), Everyone (2016), In The City by Phases Of Death (2015), Some Terrifying Things (2014).