Isaac Clarke



The public assassination. Alien assimilation. I am a few times taller than Isaac. The pure pyre. As if they were writing it. As if. Unholy tedium. The weekly meeting. I am colder than him too. What’s it got to do with ironing. I have lived at this address my whole life. Years of life on the street. On my way to where the air is sweet. Into the jaws of the demons of death. I have been passed between owners, serving their needs. Restful Ape. I love this hat. Even if it is a little bit leaky. Dolly daydream. Out of breath. Recession. Supression. I was feeling empty for a while. Pheonix Honey Orchard Oolong. I left to be, left it to be. Undone, singing out. A promising warm and pleasant day, an empty quiver, Grace, grace go away.


Isaac Clarke aka casi aka A Screaming Shireen aka ex-Black Toothed Grinner aka Whirlaw Boy aka Charlie-Dog aka 090291 (b. 1991, England). He asked me if I’d seen a road with so much dust and sand/ 35234 Skyward Miles.