Ellen Burroughs




Ellen Burroughs (b.1984) is an artist based at Serf in Leeds. Having graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2009, she has lived and worked in London and Paris, returning to Leeds where she works as a technician in Printmaking at Leeds Arts University supporting the Foundation course and other FE courses.

She also runs freelance workshops and participatory projects with museums, galleries and project spaces in Leeds.

Working predominantly in drawing, print and sculpture, her work examines human behaviour and the subconscious, often juxtaposing the psychological progress or pattern of the individual with the development of society, or humanity, as a whole. Though informed by anthropological and scientific research, Burroughs is playful with the theories and language she borrows, often creating works that amalgamate ideas or imagery from different centuries and areas of study.

In 2019 she will begin an MA in Print at the Royal College of Art in  London.