Unfolding Topographies

— Paul Deslandes

unfolding topographies is a new installation of work by Glasgow-based artist Paul Deslandes. The work explores inequalities in the context of mental illness by way of investigating surgical procedures as physical manifestations of disparity.

The Landscape, acting as geometrical abstract structures as well as representational forms, is used as a surrogate to highlight an indissociable social paradigm. Combined with the omnipresence of the institutional the work’s aesthetic embodies a past still lingering,
and questions socio-spatial isolation within the community.

unfolding topographies make use of biomedical specimens and datasets which through various processes have transposed themselves into multilayered artefacts. The result is a work that conveys an ambivalent sense of beauty and eeriness through moving image, animation and sculptural objects.

With thanks to the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering Strathclyde University, Dr James F. C. Windmill, Roger Domingo-Roca.