Three Words Tremble

— Jonathan Webster

Three Words Tremble

A solo exhibition about love by Serf studio holder Jonathan Webster

Initially inspired by a conversation with the artist’s mum about the intricate beauty of the Tamil language when she said “in Tamil there a like 27 different words for love.”

The works reflect on the hyphenated identity of growing mixed race – split between two cultures and not necessarily feeling part of either.

Each work is named after a different Tamil word for love and aims to highlight the way that our language, to some degree, constructs our reality and the difficulties of using it to describe something transcendent.

Using sound, fabric, found objects, writing, and performance the exhibition tells a cross-cultural story about things that are universal: love, death, family, identity, compassion, and connection.

Performance and private view – Friday 2nd November 2018 – 6-9pm
Open by appointment until the 10th November.