— Ian Jackson

Spolia showcases new works in progress by Ian Jackson exploring the processes behind the mapping, restoration and dissemination of stone from York Minster.

The term ‘spolia’ (derived from the Latin, ‘spoils’), refers to building stone that has been repurposed for new construction, or decorative sculpture that is reused to form new monu-ments. It describes a process in which quarried, cut and worked stone that once formed part of a structure is transported elsewhere and incorporated into a new building process. Often, signs of the stone’s original use remain following this sometimes unintended shift in purposeand place.

Opening at 6.00pm on Fri 17th Jan
Open discussion, reading and crit at 2.00pm on Sat 18th Jan

New film work developed with the help of Art House, Wakefield and Karanjit Panesar.