SINS 0.344

— Isaac Harrison

Current works by Isaac Harrison

PV Friday 15th November, 6-9pm


“Are you tired now?

It’s your pixel addiction, pass grim faces, stale coffee and Colgate tastes.

Expanding the realm, it’s coming now?

It’s your Trending binges and private WhatsApp whinges.

10 minute break…3 hour sleep…2 minute job…5 year plan.

Are you tired now?

See them-they know you.

But what we can’t see isn’t real.

You’re the glint in yer fathers eyes, you’re the naughty glances at the baristas thighs.

Cum on fingers. Cum on faces. Cum on big butts and national healthcare cuts.

You’re the construct of your imagination, picking your nose at your magnolia work station.

You’re eyes glaze over, you are a mess.

But not as glazed as the surroundings of your awareness.

Are you tired now?”