Revolting Serfs

— Harlan Whittingham

In a not too distant future, increasing demands for independence have resulted in the destruction of supranational bodies, the partial dissolution of the nation state and created new forms of regionalism. A breakdown of international trade relations has led to economic stagnation and eventual collapse.

The former United Kingdom has erupted in civil war.

In a last ditch attempt to safeguard a long lineage of wealth, all artworks have been returned to the new state of London. Locked under mechanised armed guard under the ruins of the Tate Modern.

Any attempt at retrieval is futile.

In an act of rebellion, the serfs of the North will begin to re-create their own art collection. Without access to the originals, how will Serf re-imagine, present and re-frame their collection?

Opening Saturday 30/9/17 6 – 9pm.

Organised by Harlan Whittingham in participation with studio holders at Serf.