Haptic Cores

— Charlie Cousins

Serf present Charlie Cousins: HAPTIC CORES

PV 7th July 2017 18:00-21:00

“Evidence is always partial. Facts are not truth – and information is not knowledge.
And history is not the past – it is the method”- Patrick Collinson

Drawing upon themes of memory, histories and the documentary within the sculptural and photographic; Cousins attempts configuring a sense of the shape of time.

Through attempts to connect with the prehistoric and the hypothesised, learning directly from professionals in the field of archaeology, she records her research as a preformative act.

Contaminating (?-an unusual shape)

Disrupting is aside from remembering,
(———————-)and what we remember potentially infects

what we might imagine,
objects that appear
– – – – – – – – – – jolt.
impact compacting(?)sediment


through your palm(—-)a haptic core

Cousins (b.1990) based in London. Currently studying the MFA at Slade School of Fine Art.
Recent work includes: Speculative Geologies w/Fionn Duffy (ongoing) Swiss Cottage Library London,
Many Hares Running, Chalton Gallery London, Farafield (online) and Mhor Farr Residency, Scotland.

Cousins would like to give a special thanks to Maria Regan and her team at The Petrie Museum, London. Your support and knowledge has been amazing.