Group Show 1: Taction

— serf studio holders

Opening 2 September 2016, 18.00–late.
Open by appointment until 23 September 2016.

Serf is a *brand new!* artist-run studios and project space in Leeds city centre.

This will be the first exhibition in the Serf project space, featuring work from all our members. The studios will also be open and everyone’s welcome to come take a look around.

The show will reflect the physical arrangement of Serf whilst creating dialogue between varying artistic practices.
Giving us a chance to get to know each other, and for you to get to know us, our project space will mirror the interplay that exists within our open-plan studios. By purposefully overlapping artworks with our internal neighbours, we are creating the opportunity for intended/unintended collaboration and serendipitous exchanges. With no restraints in place, we are excited to see how these collective efforts will evolve. Join us for a playful but intimate glimpse of life at Serf.

Afterwards, join us for Serfs Up 2: our after party at Wharf Chambers and celebrate all things Serf!

Exhibiting Artists:

Adam Townend
Claudia Dance-Wells
Ella Cronk
Helena Whittingham
Ingram Roeder
Issac Clarke
Jill McKnight
Joshua Hart
Karl Sims
Karl Russell Vickers
Kelly Culver
Kelly Bishop
Mark Martin
Melissa Burn
Michaela Cullen
Natalie Winwood
Owen Lewis
Pippa Eason
Rebbeca Hoy
Sam Shackleton
Will Clarke