…Even if It’s Someone Else’s

— serf

‘…Even if It’s Someone Else’s’ is the follow up to ‘The Desire To Be Part of A Story…’, and our penultimate event  of the serf summer programme as part of Index Festival.



Adam Burntown

Yvonne Baines

Charlotte Cullen

Melissa Burntown

Karanjit Pansear

Sam Hutchinson

Tom Wilson

K.P. Culver

Ian Jackson

Sunny Vowles

Joshua Hart

Karl Vickers

Sam Whyte

Tom McGinn


Opening Friday 13th September at Freehold Projects, 6-9pm.

Open 14/09/19 -29/09/19

Thursday – Sunday 1–4 or by appointment.

Please contact serf.leeds@gmail.com for further enquiries.


Freehold Projects, 10-12 New Market Street, LS1 6DG, Leeds


Installation images by Sam Hutchinson