Common Points

— Aidan Quinn & Rhian Cooke

Common Points serves as the end of the first Graduate Residency at Serf, featuring work by the two selected artists, Rhian Cooke and Aidan Qvinn, the exhibition hopes to highlight the coincidences and commonalities between their two practices, ones that may have been already present or have developed through close working at length over the course of the residency.

Rhian Cooke’s work is built through a combination of moving image, painting, small sculptural objects, jewellery, and clothing which are brought together digitally, in order to explore the three-dimensional space within and between them. Display them between two and three dimensions through a combination of projection and sculpture. Crafting a dream like environments using transparent layers to distort and reveal.
Over the residency she has continued these ideas, while working at children’s art and craft workshops has informed a further exploration of my own drawing and sculpture, considering the historical and spatial relations we share with our belongings.

Aidan Qvinn’s practice explores and attempts to unpick the movement and position of things. Resolved pieces serve as markers of a process that attempts to map and bind together the adjacents and overlaps of a transient, saturated, often non-coherent experience.
It is an exploration of the slippage of meanings and states; transcribing narrative threads between the digital and physical, confusing the significant and trivial, and the far and near. As objects and images appear, imitate, and contradict without context and explanation, fiction is a way to try and be truthful and reposition the subjective with as close to sense as is possible.

Aidan and Rhian both recently graduated from Leeds Arts University.

Exhibition will be open to the public:
– 9th & 10th Decemeber (1pm-5pm)
– 16th & 17th December (1pm-5pm)
– 30th December (1pm-5pm)

The exhibition is open by appointment on all other dates until the 30th December.

Note: Serf is not accessible by wheelchair. If you have any requirements to visit please email