An End to a Means

— Qijun Li and Kingston Poplar

An exhibition of new paintings by Qijun Li and Kingston Poplar.

Representative of its own personal struggle, this work is a documentation of its journey back to a familiar place. Spanning over the course of one year, we are presented with a curated exhibition of paintings and drawings thus far, however by no means have they arrived at a desired final destination.

Individually the work has its own personal connotations attached to the artists themselves, but ultimately as a holistic entity, this exhibition seeks to pull both artists from the depths of creative struggle and back into a paradise lost but is eager to be found.

The end of the exhibition without explanation or warning or psychological interpretation throws both artists forward into a new life. What they will make of it, is left to the gap of time.

Qijun Li (b.1995 Sichuan, China) currently living and works in Leeds.

Kingston Poplar (b.1996) Lives and works in Leeds.

The exhibition will be open 1-4pm on: 02/06/18 and 03/06/18.