Serf is an artist-led community and project space in Leeds, UK.

We provide open-plan studios and workspaces for over 25 artists and provide opportunities to curate exhibitions, showcase work and experiment within our project space.

Established in July 2016, Serf was founded by a group of artists and friends who required studio space but also a desire for creating an open, inclusive and communal space to make work, encourage peer to peer learning and provide opportunities for early-career artists.

We facilitate exhibitions through a non curated programme, and in our first year we have hosted over 30 exhibitions. We had a fantastic year, learnt so much and gathered a huge network of friends through this.

Moving forward, we have restructured our programme to facilitate less exhibitions in order to keep Serf sustainable to serve our community and volunteer run committee. We will be working on developing ways to assist our studio holders in pursuing, developing and realising exhibitions, projects and ideas within and outside of Serf.

Serf is run by voluntary committee members made up of studio holders.

Serf currently operates without funding. Please note as we are a studio group made up of volunteers, we will respond to enquiries as soon as we can.

Exhibition Proposals

If you would like to submit a proposal to us, please fill in this form and send to If you would like more information or have any questions please get in touch.

Download our proposal form here.